25 Semi Productive Things to Do on a Five Hour Layover


25 Semi-productive and pleasurable Things to do during a five hour layover (without a computer, wireless access, a phone, sleeping in compromising positions, or reading trashy magazines.)

1. Write a seething review for the airline that caused you to miss your connection, and thus have to deal with said five hour layover. Plan on posting it when you get home, and then performing a few search engine optimization tricks to make your review come up first when people search for the airline. Vengeance can be so sweet.
2. Finish a book that you’ve always wanted to say you’ve read, but never had the patience to get through.
3. Try a new food.
4. Write handwritten letters to people you love.
5. Buy things, and then play with them.
6. Plan your trip. Read through your guidebook and pick a few places you absolutely want to see.
7. Write. Write anything.
8. Buy locks for your bag to make them more theft proof.
9. Roll out a yoga mat if you have one, and if you have no shame, perform some airport yoga in front of your gate.
10. Reorganize the contents of your entire bag, making it much easier to find your things.
11. Listen to the news or a podcast and learn something new.
12. Jog around the airport and get some cardio.
13. Get yourself a drink.
14. Go to the bathroom and apply makeup so you look great for arrival.
15. If you have your clothing, change into a different outfit so you feel refreshed.
16. Charge your accessories.
17. Pluck your eyebrows.
18. If possible/desired, get your nails done or get a haircut.
19. Get a massage.
20. Purchase some anti jet lag products, or some Pepto/pain relievers if you haven’t already.
21. Purchase a travel pillow.
22. Strike up a conversation with another (willing) traveler. Do this either by your gate, or at an airport bar. Be careful not to approach travelers who seem tired, busy, unfriendly, or otherwise agitated.
23. Talk to your airline and see if it’s possible for you to get on an earlier flight free of charge. Sometimes airlines have no-shows for certain flights, and you could be lucky enough to take one of their spots.
24. Buy a travel notebook and pen so you can write down your thoughts.
25. Walk around the airport and stay active. With so many hours spent sitting on a plane, why exacerbate the condition by sitting and waiting some more?

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