I know you, you’re the one

Synechdoche, New York is one of the most hauntingly brilliant and depressing movies I’ve ever seen. Existentialist and wildly ambitious, it examines loneliness, love, life, fate, connection and meaninglessness all in one majestic masterpiece of a movie. Like all great art, its message may not be for everyone – but my, what sheer perfection this film is when it comes to conveying a feeling. For those who are like me and prone to meanderings of the mind, Synechdoche, New York provides innumerable paths down which the mind can wander.

Whether you take take the ideas from the film or reject them , one thing is for sure – Synechdoche, New York cannot be ignored. Below is the theme – an equally heartbreaking song – melancholic, but strangely wistful and hopeful. The perfect accompaniment for a beautiful work of art.

Little Person – Jon Brion

I’m just a little person
One person in a sea
Of many little people
Who are not aware of me

I do my little job
And live my little life
Eat my little meals
Miss my little kid and wife

And somewhere, maybe someday
Maybe somewhere far away
I’ll find a second little person
Who will look at me and say

I know you
You’re the one I’ve waited for
Let’s have some fun

Life is precious every minute
And more precious with you in it
So let’s have some fun

We’ll take a road trip way out west
You’re the one I like the best
I’m glad I’ve found you
Like hangin’ ’round you
You’re the one I like the best

Somewhere, maybe someday
Maybe somewhere far away
I’ll meet a second little person
And we’ll go out and play.