Sunflower big bang star explosion

Kiss me quickly with your gentle
Kill me quickly with your sunshine

Show me dancing with your high line

Hold my heart
Make it explode into a million tiny pieces in the night sky





Love me so hard I repeat my existence
Over and over and over

Love me so hard you’ll never have to stop

You Are

My Blue TentYou are my blue tent.

You are the Gerbera daisies I come home to every evening – the brightness lighting up the night as I turn the key to open my apartment door

You are the warmth I feel when I hear your voice

and the emptiness when I left you standing there

You are the park bench where I’ll never feel alone, and the laughter I could float away in.

You’re the sunrise over Central when everyone else is asleep but me, and you’re the coffee I’ll always take to my favorite place.

You are all of the stars in Manhattan.