Passing Through

Nothing here on this earth is ours to keep. We are just here, passing through and enjoying the beauty that is given to us. So let go of attachment, let go gracefully of what is not yours to keep, and give love freely and unconditionally. Enjoy what you are given and embrace simply what is – and not what is past, what is in the future, or what could be. And when you enjoy what is, you will start to realize that what is becomes all you’ve ever wanted. There is something so beautiful about that.


Who We Are

Come with me and we’ll ride away into the trees and the stars. Come to me with a heart full of longing. Come to me with a mind full of yearnings that have yet to be discovered and we’ll find ourselves in the breeze blowing through the trees. I can taste the stars and see the light in your eyes as we become who we were really meant to be. A fire burns in the distance, and I wish it would last forever.