Better Than Ezra – Our Last Night

For when you have to leave something behind.

We were standing in an empty room

The moonlight was falling

You were holding my hand when the car pulled up for you

And I could have spent a life with you

But those days were over

You were calling my name when your face faded from view

I remember waking up with you

The days doing nothing

You meant more to me then than I think you ever knew.

But you were gonna be a doctor, movie star

A poet at a Nobel seminar

I hope the world never tore that out of you

I was waving as you drove away

The sunlight was falling

You were writing backwards in a dusty window pane

You’re a long walk in a rainstorm

For me, Better Than Ezra has always been the band that has been able to capture the most emotion with a few simple lyrics. If music is meant to bring you back to a moment or to burn a vivid image into your mind, Better Than Ezra is the band that does exactly that.

Better Than Ezra – Daylight

You’re a long walk in a rain storm

You’re a cut that refuses to heal

You’re a stalled car in the desert

You’re a song I can’t get off my mind