Archangels, warriors – calling all creators. Keep singing. Keep dancing. Keep moving. Keep making. Keep CREATING. Keep doing what you were made to do.

You are more powerful than you know. Your work is more important than you know. You ARE love.

March to the beat of your own drum – you’re a warrior.


“I didn’t do much for the past few days, but you know what I did do, this morning I saved a caterpillar and put it back in the woods where it belongs. And that put the biggest smile on my face.”

“You know, the thing about caterpillars and transformation is – before you turn into the butterfly, you have to be goo. Literal goo. You have to go into the chrysalis for a while.

And I’m just going to tell myself today, right now you have to be okay with being goo.”


Guest Poem – Like Say Steve or Something

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I received a guest poem through my contact form. This is why I love New Yorkers:

Name: like say steve or something
Comment: Around it goes. Falls back again

Always to the same spot. We walk opposite to sides unmet.

Where we meet in between
Still ends don’t meet

I see you there.

We are incomplete.

Where to build a bridge across
From how do I discover.

Maybe if I walk all the way back

Will I find you on the other side again?

Around in circles
Did I miss on the way back?

Well, I guess not completely in circles

For each time I get to the end
You are still on the other side.


From how do I build a bridge to make ends meet?

Around we go, fall back again
Always to the same spot

We walk opposite to sides unmet

I asked Siri the title of your blog, I read like half a poem and wanted to write my own,


20 something new yorker

Any Excuse

I’ll take any excuse to love you

So explain to me that the sky isn’t blue

That this pain I’m feeling isn’t real

Tell me that people don’t really have two hands Tell me we’ll live forever

even though I know someday we all have to go

I’ll take any excuse to love you

Any excuse to believe that this might somehow work Tell me that when you paused

when I asked if you thought we’d be together always

That you really meant yes